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Meet the mastermind, inventor and founder of the cutting edge technology of standing waves with running water - Peter Calitz.

Our founder Peter Calitz's passion for surfing began on the waves of Jeffrey's Bay. The question he asked himself was, "How do I keep that magic alive?" And so began an exciting journey of engineering innovation that led to the creation of cutting edge technology.
He continues his research and development, prototyping and testing. With a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and over 30 years of experience in the field, Peter is also a founding partner of the confectionery brand Dania's Choice. He has designed and implemented custom confectionery equipment and processes.
His passion is creating the perfect waves for surfing, as well as his faith and family.
Peter Calitz
Our team is the heartbeat of innovation
Partner, not only a pro surfer, but also an Olympic competitor.
Matt McGillivray
Greg Byron
Entrepreneur, specializing in construction.
Donald McGillivray
Co-founder, invests his resources in technology and business development.
Co-founder, owner, designer and manufacturer of the Surf Equipment brand ‘Macski’.
Ian MacLeod
Donald McGillivray
Donald invests his time and finances in the development of our technology and business.
With a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering, Donald has co-managed Africoast Engineers SA (Pty) Ltd for 26 years, as well as several renewable energy companies such as MetroWind (Pty) Ltd. He has an excellent understanding of engineering planning, design and project development. In addition to his professional life, Donald is passionate about his faith, family and surfing development.
Greg Byron
Entrepreneur specializing in commercial and residential construction.
He is a highly motivated and task-oriented individual. Living in both the US and South Africa, Greg is connected and in demand due to his skills extending even as far as Vietnam where he has successfully delivered projects on time and on budget.
He has in-depth knowledge of cost estimating, budgeting, cost control, procurement of goods and services, receivables and payables management, and evaluation of project objectives and deliverables. Greg is well versed in regulatory requirements, project schedules, human resource management, site surveys, and reporting.
Because of his skills and flexibility, Greg can easily travel around the world with projects on any continent. In his free time, he prefers to travel and enjoy surf spots around the globe.
Matt McGillivray
Partner, a pro in the surfing world, and an Olympic competitor.
Not only does he surf professionally, but he is also ranked in the top-22 of the WSL rankings, which automatically gives him a spot on the 2024 Men's Championship Tour and represents South Africa at the Olympics. He is a goal-oriented individual, always looking to go above and beyond and constantly improving. Matt is also active in other extreme sports such as skydiving, basejumping, wingsuit wearing and kitesurfing. He aims to inspire the next generation, and what better way to do that than to be part of the global adoption of awesome wave pool technology.
Ian MacLeod
Co-founder, owner, designer and manufacturer of the Surf Equipment brand ‘Macski’ based in Palm Coast Florida and famous for more than 10 manufacturers world title wins. He is deeply technical and expert in pattern making and advanced manufacturing like plastic thermo-forming. As full-time co-founder he is uniquely positioned to lead a team and base of operations in Florida.
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